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Our Mission 

At Marios Tile & Marble, we want to simplify the home renovation experience, to create an enjoyable, engaging experience for all our customers. When you choose us, you will receive the best materials, highest quality, and quickest installation. We will be with you every step of the way, and Tony is always only a phone call or text away from direct communication. We are a family business, and our customers are part of our family as well. 


Dear Marios,


This letter expresses our appreciation and satisfaction with the recent renovation of our kitchen. The work was extensive and included the removal of our old floor and counter tops as well as the relocation of major appliances to accommodate the installation of the ceramic tile floors in both the kitchen and kitchenette. You planning and execution allowed us to eat our meals at home throughout the project.


During the extensive task we were impressed with not only the knowledge and professionalism of your workers, but also their commitment to doing the best job possible. Two examples stand out. The person laying the floor measured, cut and installed each tile to perfection. Not only did he accommodate the diagonal tile pattern that intervals - thus providing a visual link between both floor and counters. All tiles were individually placed with precision and consistency. During the project, he discovered that the floor level of the kitchen varied from that of the kitchenette, which had been added on later. He compensated for the difference, and the entire floor is perfect.


The person who designed and installed the back splash was truly an artist. His creative ability and experience developed both here and in Italy resulted in a work of art that blends in with and compliments the other surfaces. He is a master craftsman.


Mr. Marios, you can tell by this letter that we were impressed with the job you did for us. But even more importantly, we found you do to be an honest man and we recommend you without reservation to anyone who is considering major kitchen renovation.


Your work is superlative and it speaks for itself. In that regard I invite you use our home as an example of the quality of your effort. Please feel free to use us as references and to use the photos in your future marketing efforts.  If your potential clients would like to see an example of your work, we would be glad to show our kitchen. Please give us a day's warning to let us make it shine.



Joe and Jane Rill

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